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Double Denim

I’ve never had the urge to try out double denim  even when it enjoyed a revival on the catwalks and could be seen on every high street across the world. It’s hideous! Britney and Justin did not help the case….

double denim

… but then I saw this…Lennon, John

C-04_Lennon_DenimJacket1974_Gruen-filteredWell if it’s good enough for John Lennon,…. And it’s 70s which I’m sure you’ll have noticed is everywhere at the moment. So I thought I’d try out double denim, the legendary way. I had to borrow my sister’s round sunglasses to get the look just right but have since bought my own from Topshop and you get a free snazzy case.double denimjohn lennon double denim

sharmeen khan double denimStarting with wide leg blue jeans that should be in every woman’s wardrobe and cowboy boots which are everywhere at the moment too….

cowboy boots and wide leg jeans

…. I added my New York City T shirt bought on a trip to New York a few years ago. (Yes I did buy it because of John Lennon.)

new york city 10

new york city 3new york city 6Still not exactly a fan but you can’t go wrong with blue jeans and a white t shirt. Classic! How do you do double denim?


My First Time

I was looking through my pictures and came across the ones of my first attempt at being a fashion blogger. The theme I was going for was a 1950s drive-in cinema. The photos are ridiculous but that’s not going to stop me putting them up here.

I should be telling you where you can buy what I’m wearing or at least where to get something similar but I’m a bad blogger and you are probably better at online clothes shopping than I am.

The Butterfly House – Wisley Gardens

The first dry bright sunny Saturday of the year was glorious. It was not to be wasted indoors but spent out in the open with the option to seek shelter and hide when the sun inevitably faded. A giant glass house filled with fluttering butterflies at Wisley Gardens offered the best option. IMAG2967


IMAG2970IMAG2973butterflybutterlfyIMAG2976You know that moment when you turn up to an event and there’s someone there wearing the exact same outfit as you?  It happened to me in the butterfly house…

absI got my outfit from Topshop but I didn’t realise that Caterpillar does more than just steel-capped boots.   

Sharmeen Khan


bananas in the glass housgreeneryorchids at the glasshouseThe butterflies will be around till 9 March 2014 so get down there asap although I’m reliably informed that they do return each year if you miss them.

Outside the sun was still shining.ponds at wisley gardnesIt was a bit chilly outside compared to the hot and steamy butterfly house so I put on my military jacket (from H&M) and my aviators for the first time in 2014. globeAccessories in blue and gold…gold and blue accessories100 years of flowers doorgiant applestructures

bonsai treefir cone on bonsai treescenery at wisley gardenIf you ever do visit Wisley Gardens you must try this honey and nut tart in the restaurant. They really didn’t skimp on the nuts.wisley gardens honey and nut tarthoney and nut tart amazinghoney and nut tartIt was really awesomely good with a cup of tea…..

another cup of teafinished honey and nut tart

Hold on to your Hats and Kites

‘The celebrated Mr. Kite
Performs his feat on Saturday at Bishopsgate’

Change Bishopsgate to Ally Pally and we have a perfect description of last weekend. It was so windy in London that my sister and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity for a couple of first timers to fly a kite. We headed to the nearest biggest hill to make it easier for ourselves, as if the gale force winds already blowing weren’t enough. Instead of seeing seasoned pros laugh at us at Hampstead Heath we headed to Alexandra Palace.alexandra palaceThankfully we were the only ones with a kite so if all went terribly wrong there’d be no witnesses. I prepared the kite in the car having bought it from Toys R Us thirty minutes before. power ranger kite

To go with my Power Rangers kite, I wore Topshop jeans, Burberry wellington boots, my thickest, warmest coat newly purchased from the Topshop sale (similar here) and a fur hat from Portobello market was definitely required. Finishing preparations on site…

preparing the kite

I was expecting to have to run around like a headless chicken but the wind helped our amateurish kite flying skills look intentional.alexandra palace alexandra palace sharmeen khan

kite and me blowing in the wind

Even the sun came out to play which has been a rare sight this year.kite 2

kite 3The ground was still quite sodden in parts so an outing for the wellies was a must.

Look at the concentration on my face…kite 6

Then things calmed down and it was a breeze (breeze, see what I did there)…kite 10kite 18I even managed to multi-task. Flying a kite and striking a pose…kite 20kite 33kite 35kite 36Flying a kite like a BOSS…kite 39

kite 41kite 40

kite 42

Here’s proof the kite really did fly…..kite 43And it was me controlling it.kite 51

kite 55

kite 59kite 60IMAG2911By the end we were chilled to the core so there was nothing left to do except….hot chocolateWarm up with a hot chocolate…warm up with hot choc Sharmeen KhanIMAG2936and one helluva piece of dust chocolate hangover cakeChocolate hangover cake to be exact at Coffee and Cake in Crouch End. Three layers of chocolate cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache, covered in marzipan and re-coated in another layer of ganache.chocolate hangover cake

cake 4 cake 3 cake 2 cake 1 Coffee cake – chandeliers and cake in the window

cake 5

coffee and cake in crouch end IMAG2945 crouch end cake coffee and cake



FFW: Frimley Fashion Week

It’s London Fashion Week!

Very soon all the magazines will be filled with who was on the FROW and what they were wearing. Well a few months ago I was lucky enough to be on the FROW too. It wasn’t quite the front row in London nor was it Paris or Milan. It was Frimley.frimley fashion show - natutical

frimley fashion show - summery dress frimley fashion show - smmery dresss frimley fashion show - nice dress

The event was organised by the KatCanDo charity, which you may remember also organised the baking tutorial by Jo Wheatley. The clothes were supplied by Travelling Trends who are experts in the charity fashion show field. The collection has a mixture of classic and fashionable lines to suit ladies of all ages, shapes and most sizes. The labels had all been cut out which turned into a bit of fun as we all still managed to shout out where they were from.

We were even encouraged to feel the clothes as the models walked past.

frimley fashion show - cat heart jumper

frimley fashion show - feel the clothes

frimley fashion show - cat heart jumper

frimley fashion show - blousefrimley fashion show - top

frimley fashion show - long dress frimley fashion show - feather top frimley fashion show - katcando frimley fashion show - purple dress frimley fashion show -dress frimley fashion show - blurr frimley fashion show - green dress frimley fashion show - purple dress frimley fashion show - blue blouse frimley fashion show -jeans and top frimley fashion show - patterned trousers frimley fashion show - patterned trousers & jacket frimley fashion show - wrap dress frimley fashion show -dress

Grand Canyon // Hoover Dam

There were two especially painful mornings in Vegas; one after our night at XS nightclub and the other where we had to get up with the sun to catch our flight to see the Grand Canyon.

sunrise las vegas

We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the airport to board our 18-seater jet. On board we donned our headphones and listened to the guided sightseeing tour.on plane to grand canyonpropellor shadowtake offWe flew over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.Lake Meadhoover Damhoover dam nevadaIMAG2305desertred rock desertred rock desert arizonaThe flight was just over an hour and took us to a whole different state where they say things like ‘ya-hoo’. Our tour guide did at least although I suspect it was for the benefit of us tourists.

The Grand Canyon everyone, ya-hoo!the grand canyongrand canyon arizonasharmeen khan at grand canyongrand canyongrand canyon tripAs you can see I dressed appropriately for the occasion in my cowboy hat. Can I get another ya-hoo!

coca cola at grand canyoncowboy coca cola grand canyonsharmeen coca cola grand canyonEverything in America is grand. For example here is the biggest fly I have ever seen….massive american flyand the biggest grey squirrel I have ever seengiant grey squirrel


There were signs all over the place warning us not to feed the squirrels as they can get vicious. This guy was either brave or stupid.

do not feed the squirrels

I stood well away and instead slid down a little crevasse to get to this vantage point. I edged ever closer to the edge with very wobbly legs. I screamed at my sister to hurry up and take the picture which echoed through the canyon. So did her reply.

the edge of grand canyonIMAG2324wobbly legsgrand canon wobbly legsjelly legsThis is the closest I got to the edge. It looked a lot closer from where I was standing.


I was expecting a life changing experience judging by what other people had said about their trips to the Canyon. It was…. alright. It was definitely big but so is everything in America. Glad I ticked it off my list but nothing to write home about.         rock arizona rock nevada valley nevada

Sunday Night Sushi

Is there anything better than driving into Central London and parking up directly outside your favourite shops? No waiting for cabs, tubes or buses. Plus you don’t have to carry around your shopping bags all day. It’s a treat reserved only for Sundays.

After strolling around the shops till closing one particular Sunday, we made our way back to the car to drop off our bags. I did my best Ziggy Stardust impression along the way.

Sharmeen Khan

phone box ziggy stardust impression

tartan sequin trousers christmas
sequin tartan trousers, furry jumper, grey leather biker jacket, Jeffrey Campbell, Prada handbag

We decided to drive instead of walk the few streets to Nobu. One of the benefits of bringing the car along. Nobu is the hottest ticket in town for Japanese food. It’s trendy. It’s cool. It’s fancy pants. It’s expensive. But you can expect to bump into any number of celebrities. It was my sister’s birthday after all.

Arriving a little early for our reservation we started with a quick drink downstairs.

The bar downstairs NobuNobu drinks I chose my drink purely for the bottle it came in.Nobu drinks 2

sister at nobu plates and chopsticks

The menu was a maze and we had no idea what to order but our helpful waitress guided us through and suggested that 4-5 dishes would be enough for the two of us.

Nobu menuOur first dish that arrived was probably the best, the delicious crispy rice with spicy tuna with yuzu sauce for dipping…

Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

Then came the tiger prawn tempura with jalapeno sauce (my favourite), creamy spicy sauce and more yuzu sauce. Simple but definitely a must if you like sweet succulent prawns.

shrimp tempura with three sauces nobu Baby TIGER SHRIMP TEMPURA

Quickly followed by soft shell crab Kara-age with Ponzu sauce.

Soft Shell Crab Kara-age with Ponzu Soft Shell Crab Kara-age with Ponzu

eating at nobu

Mushroom tempura

mushroom tempura Then came the reason why we picked Nobu, the black cod den miso. Sweet, salty and a little slimy in a good way. Make sure you practice your chopstick technique.

Wrapped black cod den miso nobu Black Cod den miso half portion Black Cod Den Miso

Finally the Wagyu beef gyoza which were crispier than expected.

Wagyu Gyoza with Tosazu

We were still a little hungry and couldn’t resist ordering a little sushi before dessert. After all sushi isn’t fattening is it? I chose the eel and cucumber while my sister opted for salmon skin roll. I loved their little soya sauce pots. A tip: eat each piece in one go. it just makes a mess otherwise.

soya sauce sushi

Now we were properly ready for dessert. My sister’s chocolate tart arrived adorned with a special message and a spectacle. A chocolate shell that melted after pouring hot chocolate sauce over to reveal a delicious sake kasu ice cream.

happy birthday at nobu

happy birthday dessert nobu Happy Birthday at NobuI had dragon eyes this time for the name!! I’m such a shallow orderer. I must have consumed it before I could get a proper picture but you can just about see it in the above picture.  It went down pretty easy!

sistersThe loos were good too. Elemis hand wash and lotion get the thumbs up.

khan sisters