Bakers Anonymous

I’ve been found out at work! I’m a bake-aholic. So now every time there’s a bake sale I receive an email politely requesting a donation of the treat kind. Of course, I’m happy to oblige as it means I can try out new recipes and ideas without having to eat the end result alone.

Charity bake sales are great. They are win-win situations. Money is raised for a good cause and you get a piece of cake, or two depending on how generous your donation has been. The only problem is deciding what cake to try. However, last week I decided that it was about time someone baked for me for charity. That’s why I went to see a baking demonstration by Jo Wheatley for a the local charity KatCanDo. (Find out more on KatCanDo here.)


Joanne Wheatley was a winner from one of my favourite shows… the Great British Bake Off so I was looking forward to meeting her.

Jo Wheatley GBBO white chocolate bombs

I watched as she taught us all how to bake lemon, white chocolate and macadamia bombs. In less than 45 minutes she had managed to make these dinner party desserts look very easy to whip up.

pre prepared cake towers

She had a great tip which I shall be using in the future. She filled a piping bag with chopped white chocolate and placed it in a cup of boiling water to melt. Minimal effort and minimal mess! She then poured it over the cakes. Mmmmmm…

white chocolate tip

pouring white chocolate

IMAG2078 IMAG2077

The finished product…

finished choc bombs chocolate bombs jo wheatley

As the finished cakes made their way around the kitchen I happily grabbed a sweet gooey treat all to myself. It was a perfect balance of light, lemony, sweet, crunchy baked chocolate bomb

She even had a very helpful assistant who was there ready at her side with the apporpriate utensil and also available to help clean up most of the mess. A few people asked if she was included in the raffle prize.baking mess

Unfortunately she wasn’t but I was one of the lucky ones to win a raffle prize and I picked her latest book, available to buy in Sainsbury’s, containing the chocolate bomb recipe.

Jo Wheatley home bakinglemon, white choclate bombs

Jo very kindly signed the book for me. She was lovely to meet and I’d really recommend trying out one of her masterclasses which you can find on her blog.


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