Sunday Night Sushi

Is there anything better than driving into Central London and parking up directly outside your favourite shops? No waiting for cabs, tubes or buses. Plus you don’t have to carry around your shopping bags all day. It’s a treat reserved only for Sundays.

After strolling around the shops till closing one particular Sunday, we made our way back to the car to drop off our bags. I did my best Ziggy Stardust impression along the way.

Sharmeen Khan

phone box ziggy stardust impression

tartan sequin trousers christmas
sequin tartan trousers, furry jumper, grey leather biker jacket, Jeffrey Campbell, Prada handbag

We decided to drive instead of walk the few streets to Nobu. One of the benefits of bringing the car along. Nobu is the hottest ticket in town for Japanese food. It’s trendy. It’s cool. It’s fancy pants. It’s expensive. But you can expect to bump into any number of celebrities. It was my sister’s birthday after all.

Arriving a little early for our reservation we started with a quick drink downstairs.

The bar downstairs NobuNobu drinks I chose my drink purely for the bottle it came in.Nobu drinks 2

sister at nobu plates and chopsticks

The menu was a maze and we had no idea what to order but our helpful waitress guided us through and suggested that 4-5 dishes would be enough for the two of us.

Nobu menuOur first dish that arrived was probably the best, the delicious crispy rice with spicy tuna with yuzu sauce for dipping…

Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

Then came the tiger prawn tempura with jalapeno sauce (my favourite), creamy spicy sauce and more yuzu sauce. Simple but definitely a must if you like sweet succulent prawns.

shrimp tempura with three sauces nobu Baby TIGER SHRIMP TEMPURA

Quickly followed by soft shell crab Kara-age with Ponzu sauce.

Soft Shell Crab Kara-age with Ponzu Soft Shell Crab Kara-age with Ponzu

eating at nobu

Mushroom tempura

mushroom tempura Then came the reason why we picked Nobu, the black cod den miso. Sweet, salty and a little slimy in a good way. Make sure you practice your chopstick technique.

Wrapped black cod den miso nobu Black Cod den miso half portion Black Cod Den Miso

Finally the Wagyu beef gyoza which were crispier than expected.

Wagyu Gyoza with Tosazu

We were still a little hungry and couldn’t resist ordering a little sushi before dessert. After all sushi isn’t fattening is it? I chose the eel and cucumber while my sister opted for salmon skin roll. I loved their little soya sauce pots. A tip: eat each piece in one go. it just makes a mess otherwise.

soya sauce sushi

Now we were properly ready for dessert. My sister’s chocolate tart arrived adorned with a special message and a spectacle. A chocolate shell that melted after pouring hot chocolate sauce over to reveal a delicious sake kasu ice cream.

happy birthday at nobu

happy birthday dessert nobu Happy Birthday at NobuI had dragon eyes this time for the name!! I’m such a shallow orderer. I must have consumed it before I could get a proper picture but you can just about see it in the above picture.  It went down pretty easy!

sistersThe loos were good too. Elemis hand wash and lotion get the thumbs up.

khan sisters


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