The Butterfly House – Wisley Gardens

The first dry bright sunny Saturday of the year was glorious. It was not to be wasted indoors but spent out in the open with the option to seek shelter and hide when the sun inevitably faded. A giant glass house filled with fluttering butterflies at Wisley Gardens offered the best option. IMAG2967


IMAG2970IMAG2973butterflybutterlfyIMAG2976You know that moment when you turn up to an event and there’s someone there wearing the exact same outfit as you?  It happened to me in the butterfly house…

absI got my outfit from Topshop but I didn’t realise that Caterpillar does more than just steel-capped boots.   

Sharmeen Khan


bananas in the glass housgreeneryorchids at the glasshouseThe butterflies will be around till 9 March 2014 so get down there asap although I’m reliably informed that they do return each year if you miss them.

Outside the sun was still shining.ponds at wisley gardnesIt was a bit chilly outside compared to the hot and steamy butterfly house so I put on my military jacket (from H&M) and my aviators for the first time in 2014. globeAccessories in blue and gold…gold and blue accessories100 years of flowers doorgiant applestructures

bonsai treefir cone on bonsai treescenery at wisley gardenIf you ever do visit Wisley Gardens you must try this honey and nut tart in the restaurant. They really didn’t skimp on the nuts.wisley gardens honey and nut tarthoney and nut tart amazinghoney and nut tartIt was really awesomely good with a cup of tea…..

another cup of teafinished honey and nut tart


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