Caesar’s Palace Buffet

“This isn’t the real Caesar’s palace, is it?” – Alan Garner, The Hangover

caesars palace real hangover

After a little more than a full day in Las Vegas, the film the Hangover already made a lot more sense such as the giant plastic yard cups that everyone constantly drinks from, the beaded necklaces that are handed out willy-nilly and the minibar weight sensors.

Our second day started with a short walk to Caesar’s palace for their breakfast buffet and even after the epic birthday celebrations the day before, Vegas did not cease to impress.  There were stations upon stations of all kinds of food from sweet muffins and crepes to beef briskets, pizzas and Chinese food. There was an incredible amount of choice! I tried chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits among practically everything else. We tried a couple of other buffets such as the Bellagio and Wynn during the holiday but nothing compared to Caesars. Most definitely highly recommended!

view of caesars palacecasears chariotcaesars palace drivecaesars palace 3caesars palace 4caesars palace 5After breakfast we couldn’t venture too far with our full stomachs so stayed in the air conditioning. We took a walk around Caesar’s & its shops and had our first taste of slot machines. We had no idea what we were doing with them.

caesars palace birth of venus

picasso caesars pop art birth of venus dali birth of venus caesars

caesars shops


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