Hold on to your Hats and Kites

‘The celebrated Mr. Kite
Performs his feat on Saturday at Bishopsgate’

Change Bishopsgate to Ally Pally and we have a perfect description of last weekend. It was so windy in London that my sister and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity for a couple of first timers to fly a kite. We headed to the nearest biggest hill to make it easier for ourselves, as if the gale force winds already blowing weren’t enough. Instead of seeing seasoned pros laugh at us at Hampstead Heath we headed to Alexandra Palace.alexandra palaceThankfully we were the only ones with a kite so if all went terribly wrong there’d be no witnesses. I prepared the kite in the car having bought it from Toys R Us thirty minutes before. power ranger kite

To go with my Power Rangers kite, I wore Topshop jeans, Burberry wellington boots, my thickest, warmest coat newly purchased from the Topshop sale (similar here) and a fur hat from Portobello market was definitely required. Finishing preparations on site…

preparing the kite

I was expecting to have to run around like a headless chicken but the wind helped our amateurish kite flying skills look intentional.alexandra palace alexandra palace sharmeen khan

kite and me blowing in the wind

Even the sun came out to play which has been a rare sight this year.kite 2

kite 3The ground was still quite sodden in parts so an outing for the wellies was a must.

Look at the concentration on my face…kite 6

Then things calmed down and it was a breeze (breeze, see what I did there)…kite 10kite 18I even managed to multi-task. Flying a kite and striking a pose…kite 20kite 33kite 35kite 36Flying a kite like a BOSS…kite 39

kite 41kite 40

kite 42

Here’s proof the kite really did fly…..kite 43And it was me controlling it.kite 51

kite 55

kite 59kite 60IMAG2911By the end we were chilled to the core so there was nothing left to do except….hot chocolateWarm up with a hot chocolate…warm up with hot choc Sharmeen KhanIMAG2936and one helluva piece of cake.gold dust chocolate hangover cakeChocolate hangover cake to be exact at Coffee and Cake in Crouch End. Three layers of chocolate cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache, covered in marzipan and re-coated in another layer of ganache.chocolate hangover cake

cake 4 cake 3 cake 2 cake 1 Coffee cake – chandeliers and cake in the window

cake 5

coffee and cake in crouch end IMAG2945 crouch end cake coffee and cake




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