Easy Peasy Mousse

Today is World Nutella Day. Definitely a date for the diaries. Any excuse for chocolate.

I’ve come up with this super quick, super easy and oh so satisfying dessert. I’m not even going to bother padding out this post for a dessert that speaks for itself so I’m diving right in. For four servings you’ll need:

  • 1 tub of double cream
  • a jar of nutella
  • a pinch of freeze dried coffee (optional)

To start put the cream into a bowl

1 tub of cream

Add 1 tsp of coffee; you taste a hint of this which massively brings out the chocolatey flavour,

coffee and cream

Add 3 tablespoons of nutella

nutella and cream

And whisk; start off slow then crank it up

whisk nutella mousse

As Gordon Ramsey would say… Done!

easy nutella mousse

How quick was that!??! Quicker than reading this blog post. I put mine in the fridge until I need it which stiffens the mousse a little more. To serve I bought  mini doughnuts (or you could make your own) and put a couple in a glass topped with the mousse and sliced banana.

banana nutella moussenutella mousse dessert


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