Breakfast with Gail

If you’re looking for breakfast and you can’t find an Ottolenghi or a Breakfast Club nearby, or even if you can, then Gail’s bakery is a delicious alternative. I went to the branch in Crouch End and even managed to do a bit of celebrity spotting. A rival window to Ottolenghi which you can see here….

As you would expect from a bakery there are all sorts of breads, cakes and sandwiches to buy which are baked in store. If you want to sit down and eat in, you can choose anything you like off the shelves or order something on the menu and there’s something suitable for breakfast right through to dinner.

From the breakfast menu you can choose from the healthy granola served with organic yoghurt; seasonal fresh fruit salad; the very tempting homemade buttermilk hotcakes served with maple roasted pears, toasted pecans & organic Greek yoghurt; the traditional option of an English muffin served with fried eggs, grilled tomato and bacon or the chic brioche French toast served with vanilla & citrus ricotta and poached rhubarb.

It’s not extensive but they are very accommodating as I ordered the French toast with rhubarb but swapped the ricotta for the Greek yoghurt and pecans. I was very impressed as when it turned up it was exactly what I ordered, not to mention how delicious it was.

We also ordered the mushroom and eggs on sourdough bread

On my way out these brioches looked very interesting


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