Grand Canyon // Hoover Dam

There were two especially painful mornings in Vegas; one after our night at XS nightclub and the other where we had to get up with the sun to catch our flight to see the Grand Canyon.

sunrise las vegas

We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the airport to board our 18-seater jet. On board we donned our headphones and listened to the guided sightseeing tour.on plane to grand canyonpropellor shadowtake offWe flew over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.Lake Meadhoover Damhoover dam nevadaIMAG2305desertred rock desertred rock desert arizonaThe flight was just over an hour and took us to a whole different state where they say things like ‘ya-hoo’. Our tour guide did at least although I suspect it was for the benefit of us tourists.

The Grand Canyon everyone, ya-hoo!the grand canyongrand canyon arizonasharmeen khan at grand canyongrand canyongrand canyon tripAs you can see I dressed appropriately for the occasion in my cowboy hat. Can I get another ya-hoo!

coca cola at grand canyoncowboy coca cola grand canyonsharmeen coca cola grand canyonEverything in America is grand. For example here is the biggest fly I have ever seen….massive american flyand the biggest grey squirrel I have ever seengiant grey squirrel


There were signs all over the place warning us not to feed the squirrels as they can get vicious. This guy was either brave or stupid.

do not feed the squirrels

I stood well away and instead slid down a little crevasse to get to this vantage point. I edged ever closer to the edge with very wobbly legs. I screamed at my sister to hurry up and take the picture which echoed through the canyon. So did her reply.

the edge of grand canyonIMAG2324wobbly legsgrand canon wobbly legsjelly legsThis is the closest I got to the edge. It looked a lot closer from where I was standing.


I was expecting a life changing experience judging by what other people had said about their trips to the Canyon. It was…. alright. It was definitely big but so is everything in America. Glad I ticked it off my list but nothing to write home about.         rock arizona rock nevada valley nevada


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