Big Pappa’s Kitchen

In my search for a Londoner’s life in the leafy suburbs of Surrey I sometimes find The Londoner’s life. I’ve been meaning to try this Caribbean restaurant ever since the first time I drove through Camberley on the A30. You can’t miss it. A great location with free parking; a rare commodity out here. It’s also very rare is to see a halal restaurant.Bis Pappa's Kitchen

Halal meat

big pappa's bar

We started with the Saltfish fritters with guava and soured cream and Sticky Wicked chicken wings with spicy citrus sauce.

saltfish fritters up close saltfish fritters chicken wings

The wings were very juicy and succulent which went perfectly with the zesty chili sauce. The fritters were amazing and practically filled us up before the mains. The soured cream was exactly what was needed to cut through the rich, crispy, chewy fritters.

saltfish and wings

Feeling very close to full already we decided to order one main to share. We fought over ordering the jerk chicken, the curry goat or the beef stew so we compromised on the Coq au Rhum and two potato salad. That’s two types of potato not two portions of it.

coq au rhum

The huge chicken breast was so tender it fell apart with a slight poke with a fork and the rum gave it a beautiful deep smoky flavour. coq au rhum plantain two potato salad

Will definitely have to come back on Thursday to try the all you can eat jerk chicken buffet and the Friday music nights sound like great fun. If you want to give them a try you can find their website here.

tuesday wednesday fridays live music


One thought on “Big Pappa’s Kitchen”

  1. Sadly the food quality deteroiated so much the restaurant is now closed. I feel they got complacent and the chef did not understand Caribbean food is soul food and cooked with love; shame really but soul food comes from within and if It’s not in you …….

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