The Lord of the Vyne

Another weekend and another little drive. This time to The Vyne country estate in Basingstoke. The reason for my visit; their Roman ring exhibit said to have inspired Tolkein’s tomes. I don’t know what Frodo and Sam were doing for three books, it only took me 30 mins and one blog post to find my way to Mount Doom, the possible source of the power of the one ring.

The Vyne Ring the vyne ring 2 The one ring

the one ring 2

The exhibit features lots of information about the history of the ring and you are invited to give your opinion whether you think it did inspire Tolkein or not by placing a gold ring in one of the two towers.

The Vyne Ring the twin towers pile of gold rings

The Vyne also holds events outdoors similar to the concerts at Kenwood House and the ampitheatre in Regents Park. One for the Dr Johnson page.

event at the vyne bbc at the vyne concert at the vyne

Although today was a little chilly and I was more interested in the inside of the house. I have always imagined a staircase like this in my dream home.

dream staircase staircase view

The most relaxed dead man I have ever seen. relaxed dead man

detailed black wooden bench

I think the holly is meant to be a do not sit sign. Ingenious!

filigree picking china patterns


This made me crave a tea from the tea shop where they use produce from the walled garden in their menu. making me thirsty

Found this in the gift shop and may have inspired a visit for another weekend.winchester mill the summer house the summer house 2


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