Secretts Garden Centre

As I perused the market stalls in Guildford last weekend, I came across a cupcake stall. After a brief conversation I learnt that they had a permanent home in Milford, Godalming. I’m not sure why but I got in the car and took the 15 minute drive down the road to butter and cream.

more cupcakes cupcakes gluten free chocolate cheesecake brownie

I was glad that I did make the short trip as this entered my eyeline. Now this may not be popular opinion but I love garden centres. They have a great range of homemade jams, cakes, pies and home-grown fruit and veg. And of course tea shops!

eliza's tea shoptea shop

After all those cupcakes I needed a drink and something savoury. A cup of tea and a cheese scone.cheese scone teacup afternoon tea

I was brought back to life and just in time for a quick whip-around the farm shop before closing.

Entrance secretts aisle gentleman's relish frozen pains au chocolat and croissants homemade pies flan quiche homemade cakes



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