Bill’s Restaurant

You may have seen that I recently went to Bill’s in Guildford last weekend for a Surrey blogger meetup. I felt that this place deserved its own post especially as I’d like to pit it against London.

bills restaurant sign guildford bills guildford

I met 9 lovely ladies over Saturday brunch. It was very much like Sex and the City x2. So what does Carrie Bradshaw say about brunch….

“There are very few things this New Yorker loves as much as Sunday brunch. You can sleep till noon and still get eggs anywhere in the city. Alcohol is often included in the meal.”

Breakfast is served at Bill’s from 8am to 1pm at weekends so technically you could sleep until noon and still get your eggs (depending on your vicinity to a Bill’s). Plus they do serve cocktails and I think the bloody mary would go well with your eggs. Although whilst I was there I had the bengali spice tea. I had to, being Bengali.

bengali spice tea

It was difficult to pick just one thing to eat off the menu as everything sounded so tasty. I plumped for the french toast and oh boy was I glad I did! It was the perfect mix of eggy bread with crunchy walnuts, sweet maple syrup and sour yoghurt with a sprinkle of fruit to make you feel healthy. I just wish the portion was a little bigger!!

french toast walnut yoghurt french toast and banana french toast with strawberries

I almost went for the award winning vegetarian breakfast option. They have a similar recipe for it on their website so I’ve planned to make it this weekend. I’m on my way to buy avocadoes now so that they’re perfectly ripe by the weekend. If you’d like to make your own too check out the recipe on their website.

menu for bill's restaurant

All in all this chain has many locations, several of which are in London, and more on the way and I can see why. I’m all over this joint. It even competes on a New York scale! So it’s going up on my London doppelganger page.


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