Sausage in Disguise

Yay it’s Friday and I have the perfect recipe for you to try out tonight. Forget your kebab on the way home. Forget your popcorn chicken, I mean, ‘Chicken Mcbites’ from McDonalds and do not go anywhere near a Rustlers box. Say hello to the sausage burger.

double sausage cheeseburger
smile for the camera gorgeous

This isn’t really a recipe, it’s far too easy. It’s just another way to cook sausages and less effort than a homemade burger. And ok so you are going to need to prepare a little and have the ingredients ready in your fridge when you get in.

smile for the camera gorgeous

To make your own you’ll need your favourite sausage, buns, cheese, ketchup and anything else you like with your burger. Sometimes only plastic cheese will do.

plastic cheese

Strip three sausages of their skins and mush the meat together. Then split into two equal parts and roll into balls. sausage meatballs

If you’re cooking them in a frying pan you will need to shape them more like burgers and cook them for a little longer. If you have a George Foreman grill (I cannot rave on about these enough) then you don’t even need to flatten the balls out; just slap on the balls and put the lid down.

on the george

By the time I had toasted my bun and sliced a couple of beetroot my burgers were cooked and dripping with meaty goodness.

sliced beetroot flattened with george

IMAG1273 IMAG1272 IMAG1271



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