Saturday night in London town

I’ve been heading back to London a lot recently. Last weekend saw me send off a friend on his sabbatical year in Vietnam. We said goodbye to him at the Light Bar in London’s Shoreditch.

It has a good selection of cocktails and other drinks with free-hand poured shot measures i.e. very strong drinks!! They also have a large selection of nibbles to soak up the alcohol or you can visit the restaurant if you’re hungrier.

There were a mixture of people dressed in all sorts of ways from TOWIE chic to hipster cool. I was wearing my general chimp t-shirt….

with my topshop pvc trousers, aldo boots and…

warehouse tuxedo jacket.

Not being much of a party animal I headed back home via Byron burger in Islington. The M burger with a side of macaroni cheese at 11.30pm; I don’t think there’s another city in the UK you can get that.


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