Big Birthday Breakfast

Despite being over the age of 30, I woke up on my birthday with the best surprise ever laid out in the kitchen. The best sister in the world had gone to town. turtles cakes with prsents and candleNo not the Gucci and Smythson bags but this..

turtles cake

When it comes to birthdays in my family, we each have a meal we like to celebrate with. My brother enjoys his over dinner, my sister has nabbed afternoon tea and I have the most important meal of the day. I call it the Big Birthday Breakfast.

One year this involved my favourite breakfast of all, a soft boiled egg. However it wasn’t an ordinary soft boiled egg.

IMAG1889 IMAG1892 IMAG1894

It took a hammer to crack into but once we got inside the hard shell, we dipped whole slices of toast in. We didn’t need soldiers here.

IMAG1896 IMAG1897

This year’s was planned to be at London’s newest high profile building at Aqua Shard.

the shard the shardWe ordered practically everything on the breakfast menu which only just about fitted on our table.big birthday brunchMy sister’s kedgeree was delicious, I barely got more than one spoonful. birthday breakfast bigI went for my favourite soft boiled egg and marmite soldiers with a side of pannacotta muesli knowing that my mum would happily share her vegetarian cooked breakfast.boiled egg and soldiers with marmiteWashed down with three kinds of tea and three kinds of smoothies.berry smoothiepassion fruit smoothieWe barely looked up from our food to see the views but glad we did.

IMAG3584 london from the shard dirty old river more views from the shard st pauls from the shard view from the shard reflections at the shard

One last surprise before we left to wander the streets of London. A birthday swan.

birthday surprise me and my mum at the shard the shard sharmeen khan


A couple of years ago someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday and, unlike when I was much younger, I had no idea. Having your own disposable income you can pretty much buy what your heart desires and it doesn’t even need to be your birthday. That’s when I thought maybe I should be buying my mum a present on my birthday. After all she did all the hard work on that day. So on a visit to the Apple store I tested my mum’s ability on a touch screen. She did better than expected so I had no choice but to buy her an ipad to Skype friends and family.

IMAG3601It’s not often that we spend time with Mummy in central London so we stopped off to soak up the sun at Trafalgar square and a walk through the National Gallery before going home for Turtle birthday cake, tea and a play on the ipad.

trafalgar squareYup best birthday breakfast ever!




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