Feeling Majorelle Blue

After our trek through the desert we were in critical need of luxury and relaxation so we booked ourselves into a hammam. We were steamed, rubbed, scrubbed and massaged back to life. Back to our spoilt first world ways. The day then continued in the same vain.

Majorelle gardens

We visited the gorgeous Majorelle gardens owned by Yves Saint Laurent and where his ashes were scattered. I fell in love with the strong intense ultramarine cobalt ‘Majorelle blue’. Against the green of leaves it was completely different to usual red clay of Marrakech.

Rue Yves Saint Laurent majorelle blue cacti IMAG3801 pomegranate plant IMAG3804 IMAG3805 IMAG3810 IMAG3809 IMAG3807 memorial yves saint laurent IMAG3790 IMAG3791 IMAG3785 IMAG3792 IMAG3794 IMAG3795 IMAG3787 IMAG3788 IMAG3789


Majorelle Gardens Majorelle Gardens s khan Majorelle Gardens 2 Majorelle Gardens 4 Majorelle Gardens n khan Majorelle Gardens sister nasreen Majorelle Gardens 8 Majorelle Gardens 6



Sticking to worldwide brand names we all know, we went to McDonalds for lunch. Not normally one of those people that eats at chains especially when on holiday but this was halal and I couldn’t resist after seeing this poster.
IMAG3817 IMAG3820 IMAG3818

La Mamounia

After lunch we took a stroll to La Mamounia hotel. A place once described as the lovliest place on Earth by Winston Churchill. The entrance was manned by a guy dressed in brilliant white traditional dress. He looked very regal. A prince. We sat down for a mint tea and stayed till after dark which made the surroundings even more beautiful.

la mamounia entrance lovliest place on earth la mamounia 2 la mamounia at night la mamounia at night 2 la mamounia at night 3

Louis Vuitton

We left just in time for a browse round Louis Vuitton

sharmeen Khan

Dar Essalam

Our day of luxury ended at Dar Essalam. A restaurant with a solid roof that didn’t require fighting our way through touters & the busy square. Plus if it’s good enough for Hitchcock…

Dar essalam film poster dar essalam Berber dancing berber hat berber singing


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