The Deserters – Part 2

When I left you yesterday we were still hurtling through the mountains to reach the edge of the Sahara desert. The sun was low in the sky by the time we got there. There was just enough time to wrap up our faces to protect us against the desert sand before riding into the arid environment on our camels. Our guide didn’t blink an eyelid when we sang Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall & Don’t Look Back in Anger everytime we saw an oasis. image image image image image image

We reached our camp for the night just before sunset. Our tent was much more luxurious than I was expecting. We were almost glamping. We settled into our new surroundings while the guides cooked us up Harira soup and a chicken tagine followed by refreshing melon for dessert.

base camp in the desert

camp in desert tent berber music glamping image image

It was a very hot night and I couldn’t sleep in the tent. Hot and tired I curmudgeonly dragged my mattress out into the sand outside the tent and finally managed to sleep in the cooling desert wind with only beautifully filled blanket of twinkling stars over me. Very romantic, pity I was with my sister.

The next morning we were woken up by the Berbers for a breakfast of Bread, butter and honey which we ate while we watched the sunrise.


sunset IMAG3770 IMAG3771 IMAG3772 IMAG3774 IMAG3775camels desert dromedariesIMAG3774We headed back on the camels to meet our driver and wound round the Atlas mountains again back to Marrakech.

IMAG3780 IMAG3781 IMAG3782


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