Mo’rock’o the Kasbah

On our first morning we ate breakfast on the terrace. There I spotted two storks on a distance rooftop thinking they were fake. Fascinated by their choice of home & rhythmic feeding I took a picture. Again not a cloud in the sky.stork nest at breakfast

As soon as we left the riad I was stopped by the police! I had inadvertently taken a picture of the King’s Palace trying to capture this fountain. The police called me over and I had to prove that I deleted the evidence. They let me on my way without any fuss but there’s a tip for you – don’t take a picture of guarded buildings!

fountain in marrakech


I’ve never been a big fan of The Clash but I do regularly repeat a certain lyric of their song Rock the Kasbah. It’s the only song I’ve come across that contains my name. Ok not exactly my name but it’s close enough for me to be caught singing “Sharmeeeeen don’t like it” when applicable. Even though it wasn’t applicable I couldn’t stop singing it. Not even long enough to smile for a photo.

Kasbah Cafe Marrakech

Rock the Kasbah
Everywhere we went we saw intricately carved wood and precisely tiled walls.

Saadian tombs

posing Saadian Tombs 1 Saadian Tombs 2  Sharmeen Khan Saadian tombs saadian tombs saadian tombs saadian tombs saadian tombs 2 saadian tombs marakech


Saadian Tombs marrakech Saadian Tombs 5 Sharmeen at Saadian Tombs

El Bahia Palace – orange and banana trees, a maze of rooms and courtyards, beautifully intricate tiles, even more intricately carved wood and fireplaces.

el bahia palace 7 el bahia palace tilework el bahia palace oranges el bahia palace IMAG3690 IMAG3691 el bahia palace 2 el bahia palace 4 el bahia palace 3el bahia palace 6 Sharmeen Khan morocco

El Badi Palace – Perfect place to see nesting storks. Stripped bare by a jealous ruler, cooling dungeons and a great place to wander.

el badi palace stork stork in marrakech el badi palace stork nest el badi palace marrakech IMAG3665 el badi palace 3 el badi palace el badi palace 5 el badi palace dungeon el badi palace nasreen khan el badi palace 6 Sharmeen at El Badi Palace El Badi Palace 2 There was also a gallery at the Badi palace with pictures of a very familiar country and my favourite band.

el badi palace gallery el badi palace gallery bradford el badi palace gallery beatles

This area of Marrakech is also home to a huge emporium selling everything and anything. All fixed price so need to haggle but you won’t find a bargain.

4 types of cous cous

4 types of cous cous IMAG3656 IMAG3657 IMAG3658 Sharmeen Tommy Cooper Khan


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