Landing in Marrakech

Upon first sight of the large white outer wall and diamond shaped windows it was instantly recognisable and unmistakably where the Sex and the City girls had landed in ‘Abu Dhabi’. However this wasn’t the UAE but Marrakech airport in sunny Morocco.

Marrakech airportmarrakech airport no longer in londonNasreen KhanAfter a quick change at our digs, we took a few moments to breathe in the Moroccan air on our rooftop where we spotted the symbol of Marrakech, the Koutoubia mosque in the distance. Not a cloud in the sky.IMAG3610IMAG3609riad nafis terrace


One sip then souk.

As a way to get our bearings on our first night in a strange city, we went shopping. An activity that translates into any language. On the way there I spotted my first tagines bubbling away.

cooking taginesMoroccan coloursmoroccan coloursLost in the soukdonkey cartsigns in marrakech soukSleeping in the shadesleeping cat in soukWool dyeing soukdrying wool in soukdying wool in soukwool dyes in soukIMAG3621Ornate iron lanterns

lanternsBlack soapblack soapdried roses apothecaryjewellery shopIMAG3628Dried fruit and nutsIMAG3629IMAG3630Spot the Tesco bag^

Eventually we tired and went in search of sustenance. Our first stop was a fruit juice stand where 30 pence bought me a much needed freshly squeezed orange juice. This wouldn’t be my last. We settled at a restaurant terrace with a view over the Jemaa El Fna square and of the setting sun. Here I was determined to have my first taste of a tagine.IMAG3631IMAG3632My veal tagine…IMAG3635Merguez sausages and cous cousIMAG3636IMAG3638And we had to finish off our meal with a round of mint teas. Well it would be rude not to…IMAG3639IMAG3640

We found our way back to the riad in the dark after a quick whizz round the night market where we decided on the week’s dinners. Even the snails and the sheep heads made it on our things to try list with a big side order of maybe.

big bowl of snails

sheep's head snails jamaa el fns

We even survived crossing the busy chaotic roads in one piece and so our Moroccan adventure was able to continue.


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