Billet-Doux Pour Paris

Chere Paris,

After the Pere Lachaise Cemetery I headed back into the centre of Paris for a fun-packed afternoon and I didn’t have a moment to spare. I had planned to visit the Musee d’Orsay, Musee Rodin, eat at Hotel Coste, take a look at the Louvre but first I popped over to Palais-Royal….. palais royale

black and white palais royal PArisIMAG3115IMAG3116palais royalI was wearing my military boots and what I now call my lucky leggings after being chatted up in French at the Musee I visited in the morning. At least I think I was being chatted up, he couldn’t speak much English but I think I got the gist of what he was saying and seemed distraught as I explained that I was only in Paris for the day.

military boots at palais royal boots at palais royale

I was feeling a little peckish so I headed to Angelina except there was a large queue that I didn’t want to wait in. I stopped into this biscuit shop and stocked up on treats for the family.La Cure GourmandeParis biscuitsI rushed out and headed over to the other side of the Seine through Les Tuileries to Musee D’Orsay. On my way through I captured this very fancy French lady with her husband. She was dripping with bling…  fur coat with matching Birkin bag and she smelled of Un Jardin sur le Nil Hermes perfume.Riche Paris dripping in moneyA pretty day in ParisLes TuileriesFinally this before my phone diedarc de triomphe du CarrouselI said it before and I’ll say it again… oh the despair!!!IMAG3122I didn’t get to capture the shot I wanted at the Louvre or at the Musee D’Orsay. I never did make it to Musee Rodin either but stopped off at Angelina once the queue had died down. I consoled myself with a Rhum Baba, a Mont Blanc and a Africain hot chocolate and vowed that I would return soon to do the things I missed out on my daytrip.


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