Who Needs Boys?

This Valentine’s Day I decided to see my mummy. The day fell on a Friday so that evening I found myself on the M25 stuck in traffic trying to get home for dinner wondering if this was such a good idea after all. It didn’t help that I was travelling from flooded Surrey to the windy city of London. Then with 3 junctions left to go my car reported 0 miles of petrol left so I immediately headed for the services. Fortunately it was the next junction but there was a long queue on the slip road. As tense as a bow string I contemplated my options….

  1. If car stops now…. panic!!! If car stops now… that’s a good spot to park. If car stops now… I’ll have to push it. Hazards.
  2. Then I could get petrol… garage can’t be too far from the slip road. Have flats in the car so can walk.
  3. Hope petrol garage sell petrol cans…

Luckily Ophelia (that’s my car) made it to the petrol station and then on to home in one piece. She’s such a good girl! I should blog about her one day.

Once home I was greeted by my mother with a red envelope for me and that’s when I finally relaxed.valentines card with my mumWe headed out to dinner at the newly opened local halal American diner called Grill Krayzee.

I got my paws on a calming maple walnut milkshake.leopard milkshake

Then the food arrived… starting with lamb ribs just seen in the picture below.

me and my mum at grill krayzee

For the main event I had a Rodeo burger as it came with turkey rashers and onion rings with cheesy fries.cheesy chips & halal beef burger

My sister contemplated her long lost loves…sister waiting

before tucking into her beef burger with turkey rasher and curly fries. It’s all about the rashers with us!halal burger at grill krayzee

My mum who is one hot chick, had the mad hot chick alongside her all time favourite, potato wedges.  Take a look at all those chillies and jalapenos…one hot chick

Then for the table I ordered a paneer sizzler just to be greedy. Oh yeah with mash potato and coleslaw.

panner sizzler

The burgers were ok nothing great but the turkey rashers were very good and my mum enjoyed her chicken burger. But the star of the night was the paneer. If all that food wasn’t enough, we couldn’t leave without trying their vast selection of ice cream.

One nutrageous sundae and 2 spoons…

one sunday two spoons nutty ice cream sunday ice cream sunday

Who needs boys on Valentine’s Day when you can have a great dinner with of your favourite girls.


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