Chocolate by Miss Witt

Normally when I tell you about something in the country it’s within half an hour’s drive from where I live on the Surrey/Hampshire border. I am about to make an exception to that untold rule because I really need to tell you about this fabulous stuff….

chocolates by miss witt fur

The package arrived by post… how great is that….? I don’t even have to leave the house for these delicious handmade delicacies. Inside I found a sexy black and gold box of chocolates and a letter.letter from chocolate by miss witt

warning label on chocolated

I felt like I should be eating them in my boudoir sprawled out on my chaise longue as a very handsome man wafted me with a giant palm leaf. I don’t have any of those things so I settled for eating them at my dressing table with Justin Timberlake blaring from the ipod as I got ready for Valentine’s dinner with my mum (more on that later).

dressing table chocolates box of chocolates by miss witt the italian by miss witt close up of the italian by miss witt

This little Italian is my favourite so far. White chocolate, pistachio and caramelised hazelnuts. I’m nuts about nuts. It’s like a macaroon in a truffle.

earl grey truffle

I couldn’t wait to try this one. I’m a sucker for afternoon tea whatever form it may take. A white chocolate truffle with an Earl Grey tea centre. It didn’t disappoint!

The chocolate ganache is made using water instead of cream which not only means they have fewer calories but I think it also gives the chocolate a great snap, similar to the snap when you bite into a chocolate covered ice cream lolly. It also really brings out the flavour and quality of the chocolate especially in the dark chocolate truffles…. which I indulged in next….

blue ocean by miss wittOcean Daze was another spectacular truffle. As a kid did you ever have sweet chocolate and salty crisps in one mouthful? Well this is similar except more grown up. Fabulous. miss witt dark choc truffles IMAG2877 IMAG2892

The Peruvian ginger is another favourite of mine. Spicy & dark.

Finally you really must try this one…almond chocolate miss witt sweet temptationIMAG2888It really is what it says on the ‘tin’.      IMAG2878 IMAG2882

I inhaled my chocolates within minutes but I’m already planning on getting my mum a box for Mother’s day with the flavours I haven’t tried yet. Hopefully she’ll share.  If you’d like to try them too they are available from the very talented Miss Kerry Witt’s Pop Up every Saturday at Lymington Market or just pop her an email on her website to get them through the post.


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