Tiger in Woking

I’m looking through my phone pictures trying to find something to blog about that isn’t food related. In doing so I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending a lot of time in Woking these past few weeks. One of the reasons is that it’s close by and has a big-ish Topshop and an ice cream place called Creams which is food related so I shall stop there.

No Zara though. In amongst the usual high street names you’ll also find a hipster’s paradise. A one-stop shop for all your unusual brightly coloured novelty, sometimes practical, items. A little bit like an Ikea but without the flat packs all housed under one roof and with a Tiger on the door. They sell everything from home and kitchen ware….bird ice cream scoopto Sudoku toilet paper….emergency toilet paperstationery and food.dutch wafflesThere aren’t many stores in the UK so if you want something almost unique then you have to take a look for yourself. There’s something for everyone.


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