3 recipes – Crab

So after Vegas, we’re back to Farnborough with a thud. The biggest and most exciting thing that has happened in here in the last 12 months seems to have been the opening of the new Costco. Although any place that gives you free tasters is worth being seen in.

At the opening party, you couldn’t move without bumping into someone you know. Even I saw a few familiar faces having only lived in the area for less than a year. As always they laid out a fantastic spread.

welcome to costco

Shopping for one, it’s tough to decide whether things in there are a good deal or whether I should stick to fail-safe Tesco. However with the help of a few big spenders in the office, I have decided that you can bag a bargain quite easily if you stick to the following:

  • clothes detergent
  • fabric conditioner
  • toilet tissue
  • houmus
  • kosher hotdogs
  • wine (so I’m told)
  • sushi (haven’t been brave enough to try this yet though)

The other day I found this….crab claw meat

A big tub of crab claw meat for £6. I tried several recipes trying to use it all up. The best ones were these:

slim pasta fettuccine

This stuff is made from Juroat, a secret recipe made from a blend of Konjac flour and special oat fibre. It’s Gluten-Free, Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Wheat-Free and a source of Fibre. It’s also very very chewy.

I steamed a packet of this in a saucepan…mussels in creamy sauce

Added the pasta…calorie free pasta

slowly….pasta to mussels in sauce

Cooked it through for a couple more minutes, sprinkled over a few chilli flakes and bish bash bosh, I was done. mussels in white wine sauce

mussels pasta bowl

seafood pasta Mussels and pasta



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