The Last Night // Burger Wars

So finally here we are. Our last night in Vegas and there was one last hotel to visit on the strip. Closer to Fremont Street, we planned to use our 24 hours bus passes to go have a look at the Stratosphere hotel. We dressed for dinner as we watched our last sunset over our Vegas playground.

more sunset sunset

After a quick air-conditioned bus ride along the strip taking in all the neon for the last time we arrived at the hotel for dinner. We headed straight for Roxy’s Diner. Everything on the menu was perfectly American from the all day breakfast to the classic burgers and hotdogs and that all American customer ‘is always right’ service. The staff even sing for you every hour.

We started with heart stopping Mac & Cheese corndogs and  Popcorn shrimp followed by Clair Sinclair’s Sin City Burger and a foot long hotdog with crispy fries all washed down with coke floats.


It was sooooo good. Just thinking about it now makes me want to head to Ed’s diner. And so much better than In an Out Burger which we tried a couple of nights before.

burger in and out close up in and out burger

Having seen this place blogged about so many times we made sure we tried it too. Yet I have no idea why. Perhaps we didn’t order the right stuff off the secret menu but why have a secret menu in the first place. Although I did like the fact that there were limitless pickled chillies on the side and the fries still had their skins on.  Plus at least I’ve conformed and blogged about it too.

Back to our last night….. after dinner we headed to the top of the hotel where we found the most amazing views of Vegas and a perfectly place bar called Top of the World. night view

view from stratosphere of the strip

We picked out our hotel before the ear popping screams from the rooftop rollercoaster caught our attention. Definitely one for the list, I wish I had.

Then to make the most of our last night we headed back to hubbub of the strip on foot taking in all the bright lights, breathing in the warm dry air while reminiscing over the past week interspersed with the occasional wiggle to random music. Well I did at least, my sister kept her composure the whole way. Although she did get rather excited about all the different kinds of M&Ms and Coca Cola merchandise.

night view 3 IMAG2289 bridge view

We almost went to see Robin Thicke at the Cosmopolitan but being responsible and unspontaneous we didn’t. The next morning we got up early to fit in our last gambling session. Roulette of course. After  a couple of hours we started to over-think and analyse so we took ourselves off for one last buffet at the Bellagio which isn’t as good as Caesar’s. An hour later we were sat at our favourite seat at the roulette table again and there we stayed until it was time to get in a cab and head for the airport.

Upon reflection Vegas was the perfect place to celebrate my birthday despite everything that could have gone wrong, going wrong. I’d been worried about reaching this age milestone but Vegas showed me that I needn’t. Everywhere I went I had to pull out my ID proving that I can still pass for a 21 year old. Also having a guy with a lot of disposable income put a bet down on my behalf allowing me to roll the dice in a game I didn’t understand was a treat that can’t be planned nor forgotten. David Copperfield, a cheeky young Italian and the Caesar’s Palace buffet.

If you’re thinking of going… Do it!


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