Fremont Street

This is where Vegas started. The first hotel was built in this part of the desert. Located in downtown Las Vegas, it entices visitors with its Fremont Street Experience, an electric canopy that stretches along the casino lined street. fremont treet experience las vegas

the fremont street experience

Before I started planning, my idea of Vegas consisted of debauchery and buffets of steak and lobster side by side. Fremont Street lived up to my expectations. There were all sorts of people walking down here from half naked angels to even more naked milk-maids. Best of all I got my surf and turf dinner – Vegas style!

IMAG2256 fremont

The hourly concerts played throughout the day and drunken people merrily dancing along for hours create a happy buzz. Adding to it are the breakdance-offs between young and old drawing in crowds reminiscent of scenes from Step-Up. fremont 2

It’s also where you get to see the classic Vegas Vic and cowgirl.  Vegas Vic

  vegas cowgirlIMAG2259


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