The Hotels // Part 3

So now we are at the bottom of the strip and this was our opportunity to finally see the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Having learnt nothing from our walk to the Hard Rock Hotel, we decided to walk there after getting the bus to the last hotel on the strip, Mandalay Bay. Although I did arm myself with a bottle of water which we sipped as we took shelter in the shade under some trees at various points along the way.shade under a tree las vegasWith the water quickly warming up and quickly being sipped away we continued our journey in earnest. It was hard-going and then when we finally got to the sign there was an orderly queue of people waiting to take a picture in front of it. If there was someone there with a cooler of $1 bottles of water like there is everywhere else in Vegas, he’d clean up!

I was willing to walk away with this shot..,,

welcome to las vegas

but my sister made me wait in the queue while she recovered with her head between her legs under another tree. I did as I was told. My sister never did get up once I was at the front of the queue but was behind the 2nd tree from the left as I did my best ‘I’m in Vegas’ pose.

welcome to las vegas

We were more sensible on our way back but was relieved at the sight of the first hotel.

Mandalay Bay/Four Seasons: great to stop for a drink which we desperately needed after our excursion. mandalay bay We spent a while stuck to the leather sofas with our ice cold drinks cooling off before going to see another hotel I was looking forward to visiting.

Luxor: I love anything Ancient Egyptian or fake Ancient Egyptian. The hotel has inclinators which apparently are elevators that rise up at an angle but we never got to try them.sphinx luxor las vegas hotel

sphinx las vegas luxor hotelluxor egyption dogs las vegasThere were supposed to be other photos of me inside the hotel but this video will explain why they don’t exist.



For the sake of proving a point I have also added another video even though this also makes me look slightly weird.

My sister can’t take photos!!!


One thought on “The Hotels // Part 3”

  1. I visited Vegas about 10 years ago and had the best time – never did make it out to the sign though so you’re one up one me! good effort!

    p.s. thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post.x

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