The Hotels // Part 1

Other than the shows we went to in the evening such as David Copperfield, Cirque du Soleil LOVE and Vegas! The Show, which told the history of Las Vegas from past entertainers like the Rat Pack and Elvis to showing video clips of the previous hotels being demolished, we spent the sweltering hot sunny days cooling off in the various hotels’ air conditioning.

This is going to be a photo heavy post so make yourself a cup of tea and settle back down while I tell you what we saw at the top end of the strip:

Circus Circus: Full of scary clowns and great little circus acts.

circus circus

Treasure Island: Has a really corny pirate at night with fireworks.

treasure island hotel las vegas

Treasure Island las vegas hotel Treasure island fireworks

Wynn: Our hotel was beautiful but then I may be biased. Buffet was ok and the gambling was good but we lost. However, while watching a craps table trying to figure how to play, in the name of changing the luck of the table an American gentleman put a $10 bet down on my behalf and asked me to roll. Yes, just like in the movies. I threw those dice down the table like a pro although I still had no idea how to play. He let me keep the chips I won which I didn’t cash in. Everyone needs a lucky chip.bellagio

wynn me las vegas

butterflies las vegas wynn

las vegas peacocks wynn

jeff koonz tulips      jeff koonz tulips las vegas jeff koonz wynn las vegaswynn horse las vegas

The Venetian: Highlights included the shopping and serenaded gondola rides inside and outside and operatic performances wherever you go.

venetian Venetian Las vegas hotel

gondola ride 2 gondola ride 3 gondola ride unknown venetian

Caesar’s Palace: Another great place for shopping and a permanent cloudy sky at dusk. Amazing buffet.

And probably the most famous hotel in Las Vegas:

The Bellagio: Not the best buffet but gambling is good as is their chocolate shop and of course the fountains.

bellagio hotel at nightBellagio chocolate shop woman

more bellagio

bellagio garden las vegas



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