David Copperfield at the MGM Grand

Although I had the best birthday ever in Vegas, the highlight of the holiday was seeing David Copperfield in his show at the MGM Grand.

lion leo mgm lionAlthough the picture of him on his building wrap was probably taken 10 years ago as he doesn’t quite look like that anymore. Still good, mind!

mgm grand lion vegaas

As a baby of the 80s I have fond memories of him in his heyday. To me he was a much more glamorous Paul Daniels with an even hotter Debbie McGee i.e. Claudia Schiffer.

The show had everything I remember. Vanishing cars, wind machines and knowing glances towards the camera. It really was mind-boggling and a little ’emotional’. He entices you in with his good looks but then fools you with one of his tricks. You just can’t trust a man like that. Until he gives you one of those looks again.  

The great thing is that we were sat in the third row where he performed a balloon trick. I was this [     ] close to him. He’s a lot taller in real life. On his way back to the stage he held out his hand for high fives from the audience except I didn’t realise that’s what he was doing until it was too late hence this tweet.

David Copperfield tweet 2

All was right with the world again.
Look how pleased I was about the MGM Grand ever after with their green hue at night and their giant gold lions. david copperfield mgm
mgm lion
mgm lion las vegas
Vegas’s equivalent of Trafalgar Square
gold mgm las vegas mgm lion vegas david copperfiled

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