Lemon Meringue S’mores

It seems every day last week I’d been dodging big fat globules of rain.  Each time wondering whether I should unravel my umbrella for the short walk to my car and deciding it is never really worth juggling an umbrella, my keys and my handbag all whilst trying to get in my car just to stay dry.rain on window

Inevitably when I do get home I’m always a little damp and there’s only one way to get warm and cosy again. And that’s putting on the fire, except I don’t actually have one at my flat so I make do with lighting a few candles. Not exactly the same but I can still toast a good marshmallow for a delicious s’more.

lemon meringue s'more lemon meringue smoresmarshmallow biscuits and lemon curdI didn’t quite have the right ingredients for a traditional one and so the lemon meringue s’more was born. Unusually I only had one type of biscuit in the cupboard but these hazelnut caffe snaps were perfect topped with a smear of lemon curd and squidged onto a hot gooey marshmallow.

marshmallow candle toast toasted marshmallow

gooey lemon meringue s'more lemon curd marshmallow s'more


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