My First Gingerbread House

This year I’ve been preparing for a Scandinavian Christmas starting with the style of stocking I bought for myself to building my first gingerbread house.

I set about looking for chocolate inspiration on pinterest as I knew I didn’t want to decorate my house in sweets/candy and managed to find amazing gingerbread houses including these little cute ones.

gingerbread house that sits on the edge of a mug!!!

After wildly adding pins to my Christmas board I thought it would be a good idea to visit a bakery in the hope of seeing a house in the flesh. I’d heard of a great authentic  German bakery in Windsor and was not disappointed when I visited.

German Bakery Windsor Gingerbread mansion gingerbread kit german

I came away ready and armed with even more enthusiasm for my masterpiece and a giant stollen for the family.

Research done I hit the supermarket. Whilst filling a basket with chocolates I spotted a gingerbread house kit and because I didn’t want this little piggy’s house to collapse under the sheer weight of itself, I bought it. Also in the basket were chocolate buttons, chocolate fingers, lebkuchen biscuits… well look for yourself.

gingerbread house gingerbread house goodies

I laid the base for the house with white chocolate buttons and coconut before attempting to stick as much chocolate as possible to my gingerbread. Any leftovers were quickly eaten while the rest were admired.

gingerbread house gingerbread house 2 gingerbread house 3 gingerbread house 4 gingerbread house 5 gingerbread house 6 gingerbread house 7 gingerbread waffle roof gingerbread house 8 gingerbread snowball bush

How soon can I start eating it?


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