Christmas Stocking Fillers

From what I’ve gathered, mainly as a spectator, Christmas is about indulgence.  Plenty of food, plenty of drink and plenty of things, things, things & more things. So as part of getting into the festive spirit I thought I would indulge. I decided to fill a Christmas stocking to give to… myself, which has been a great excuse to buy everything I recently thought was too expensive, too impractical, not required etc. It has been fun!!!

For my first ever Christmas stocking I started off with the traditional …

white chocolate coins white chocolate coins,  a Christmas pudding of my own choosing christmas pudding, two kinds of orange; real satsumasand chocolateterry's chocolate orange, fruit and nuts nuts in shells & panettone panettone.

Then I started planning my Christmas morning breakfast so I popped in a stove top coffee maker moka pot, coffee from pact for £1 using this link   Pact coffee and for my favourite brekkie, a boiled egg timerboiled egg timer.

Then came something to make me look pretty for Christmas lunch:

Chanel Peridot nail varnish Chanel-Illusions-dOmbre-Peridot,

After gorging on astronaut ice cream astronaut ice cream, I thought a relaxing bath with Lush bath bombslush christmas bath bombs, and a diptyque candle jonquille before hitting the hay with my silk pillow cases pillowcase silk would round off the day perfectly.

Finally to balance my karma, I did spare a thought for those less fortunate and bought a couple of these Oxfam Unwrapped gifts too…


 There are a couple of things I’m sure I forgot to include so will update if needed. My next task is to convince my sister to fill my stocking while I sleep and wake up on Christmas morning totally surprised!


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