Thackery’s Restaurant

I was very pleasantly surprised this week so much so that I must tell you all about the little gem of a restaurant. Hidden away in the Mercure Bush Hotel in Farnham, Thackery’s is where decadence lives around these parts. With a carpeted floor, dark mahogany tables and plush wallpaper it was like being invited to a friend’s stately home for dinner but with better food.

I invited a few friends out with me (yes, it seems I have finally made some) so that we/I could taste as many things as possible on the menu in one sitting. The best way to do this is not to order the same thing as everyone else and hope that they will share at least one bite of their food. This is how I choose my friends. For example M was thinking about ordering the gravadlax except this is what I wanted so subtly pointed out the delights of the shepherds pie croquettes which I wanted to try.

mercure dinner 2Thankfully M is a sharer and so can confirm that the croquettes were amazing.

Next up: Calf’s Liver & coq au vin

coq au vinmercure dinner 4Don’t worry I’m not always so dictatorial as I do let a burger slide in here and there.

mercure dinner 3Even though sometimes there is a rebel uprising….

burger face

which are quickly quashed by dessert especially when sent in by three.

ice cream dessert

three desserts

I managed to sneak a taste of the light and tangy lemon meringue pie while M scoffed the other two. He tells me they were perfect and since once trained as a chef I’m inclined to believe him.


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