Ben & Jerry’s Windsor

Apart from a couple of things I can only find in London (Diptyque candle and astronaut ice cream) I think I have finished my Christmas shopping. Thanks to Windsor high street.

windsor high street

gingerbread men

In one fail swoop I managed to get (nearly) everything to fill a stocking or two. Plus I managed to find the perfect pitstop to refuel.

ben & jerrys store

Now I don’t have to go to the cinema and pretend I want  to watch a film to get my core sundaes.

birthday ice cream cake uh oh empty bowl b&j

I had this…. a hot choc shake. It had all the flavour of the chocolate fudge brownie ice cream (my fave) and it was hot. Perfect for the weather and delicious in every way.

hot choc shake

As night fell, I waddled back to my car laden with my shopping bags. Good workout for the arms which I needed after my decadent hot chocolate.

windsor xmas lights windsor castle


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