Too Good To Eat

It was Christmas Fair time at Ascot Racecourse again this weekend. As usual there were my favourite stands.

  • Jasmine Silk, who are having a sale at the moment so go have a look at their website. I would love one of their dressing gowns.
  • Zaini beanie hats worn by most of the cast on Made in Chelsea

beanie hat zaini made in chelsea zainie beanie

  • The amazing Schokolat. Let me tell you how unlike chocolate they look but how like chocolate they taste. Although, made from really good Belgian chocolate, they look too good to eat.

hammer chocolate

schokolat tools

I swear these really are made totally of chocolate.

nut and bolt chocolatespanner chocolatecheese grater

  • Lastly, my favourite find. You’ve heard of Brazilian blowdries & Brazilian waxes, well now there are Brazilian Cheeseballs. Otherwise known as Bolitas.


They are mouthfuls of gorgeous chewy melted cheese great eaten with guacamole, salsa etc and the best bit is, as they are made from cassava flour so are gluten free. They come in sweet versions too  so do away with your regular fix of Pizza Express dough balls and order a box of these online or find them at various outlets in Oxford (see website for more details).

I recommend the feta balls swiftly followed by the fudge. Would be perfect served on a giant platter like the Ambassador does with the Ferrero Rocher.”Senhor, with these cheeseballs you are really spoiling us.” Great for the festive season.


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