Chawton House Library

Is it too early for a Christmas related post? I ask having walked past a house today with a decorated tree in the front window… I think not.

Last year I had the best Christmas ever. It wasn’t with my family (sorry sis) and it wasn’t even on Christmas day. I didn’t unwrap a single present and there was no turkey in sight but I had never felt more Christmas-y. It all took place on my trip to Chawton house on their Edwardian day. The scene was set with a brisk walk down the fabulous drive on a crisp sunny morning.



Chawton HouseIMAG0826

I was greeted by two lovely ladies who offered me mulled wine and a place to warm by a great big cosy fireplace. I sat in the drawing room with my glass and slowly started to feel the tips of my fingers again. IMAG0829

before being called to dinner


The dining room set for Christmas dinner


The help tending to the car and guests


The church next door IMAG0840Chawton House Library are hosting their Edwardian themed Christmas again this year by popular demand. If you’re free on December 8th, I’d recommend a visit. It’s very nearby Jane Austen’s house so you could make a day of it. Details here.


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