Trip to Wales

Before the summer started, my department at work were due to have a team-building/away day. After a lot of horror stories about previous eventful trips were bandied around the office I was looking forward to my first one; in a curious sort of way. They sounded like office Christmas parties but in a more glamorous location. This year’s took place in….. Wales!

Welsh countryside Welsh sheep

I had arranged to catch a lift with two work colleagues who were the ideal road trip buddies as they seemed just as excited about stopping off for a huge cooked breakfast as I was. Having filled our bellies and then some, I could only manage a waddle back to the car and continue over the Severn bridge into Wales.


Severn suspension bridge Severn Bridge through sunroof

We arrived at Celtic Manor still full from breakfast with just enough time to grab a cup of tea and a couple of pastries. As if I hadn’t eaten enough!!!!Celtic manor golf ryder cup

The morning was spent listening to business updates and a lot of digesting to make enough room for the delicious looking lunch. A very tempting hot buffet lunch.  There were salads, hot cheesy pasta, more tea & coffee and three types of dessert. I started as I meant to go on so tried everything available and re-filled my ever-expanding stomach. I also managed to eat a few treats during the afternoon tea break a couple of hours after lunch.

After the catchup we were let out to play. I checked into my room and soaked in the course view celtic manor

welsh dragon flag

balcony view

celtic manor bed

celtic manor bathroom elemis hotel products

I then went for a dip in the plunge pool (brrrrrr!) and a relaxing massage.



When I got back to my room I found more sweet treats by the bed. Welsh cakes.

welsh cakes  I had to get ready for dinner so I actually saved these for a midnight snack. Such restraint!


The next morning I needed a cup of tea and ate nothing but fresh air on the balcony.

tea on the balcony

While the others tucked into their gourmet breakfast I went to take pictures of the hotel.

welsh dragon celtic manor celtic manor

celtic manor from top

welsh love spoons usk riverThe second day was taken up by team building activities and a very welsh lunch. All in all it was quite uneventful. No war stories to tell but there was one thing I learnt about myself on this self-enlightening trip…. I am greedy and have no self control! If you put food in front of me I will eat it whether hungry or not.


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