Killer Queen Killed

I have been wanting to tell you about Picnic to Music in the Park for ages. This was on a much smaller scale but I now totally understand why people enjoy going to summer festivals. It may have been the music, it may have been the food or it may have been the weather but everything conspired to make for a wonderful evening. The perfect way to spend a sultry summer sunset and one of the best nights of my life.

I went with a group of veterans of the event so we were well prepared for our picnic before the concert started. For those that prefer to rock up with nothing but an inflatable guitar and a lighter there were stands set up to provide hot food and more importantly and a cup of tea and other hot drinks.

The first act on stage were Counterfeit Quo who I was not impressed with. All the songs ran into each other and sounded the same to me but made the next act all the more exciting.




Being on the short side I managed to wiggle my way to the front (one of the few advantages of being petite) for Killer Queen. The tribute band came on stage blasting out hit Queen songs. Loud thumping crowd pleasers encouraging us to jump, clap and sing which I am blaming for the poor picture quality. I couldn’t stand still long enough!yellow jacket leather queen

freddie and brian tribute band

lovely yellow jacket

The lead singer Patrick Myers was amazing as Freddie Mercury. He had the moves down pat, had a few outfit changes, could play the piano and the guitar and sounded exactly like Freddie himself which all made me weirdly wish I was a gay man! singing freddie moustache

queen tribute band

killer queen

freddie "patrick myers" mercury

white leater freddie mercury

There are usually two opportunities to enjoy picnic to music in the park over a single weekend. I went on the Saturday but the second night is devoted to motown. Definitely worth doing if you live in the Farnborough area.


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