Bathrobe Day at Coworth Park

In a bid to get in holiday shape before my birthday I entered the Aerobathon at my local  gym. It entailed 12 hours of consecutive classes dressed up as a superhero and included vital complimentary snacks all in the name of charity. I went as brooding billionaire Bruce Wayne’s alter ego.Batman in girls' locker room

It also doubled up as an outfit for a movie themed fancy dress birthday party. Yes that is me carrying several pieces of birthday cake in coca cola napkins. That’s the best kind of cake! I’m definitely going to steal the minion idea for the next time. Isn’t that outfit genious?!Batman fancy dress

Anyway the day after the gym I ached from head to toe and just sitting up in bed was a struggle let alone getting out of it. I found rolling out was a useful tactic. This could very easily have turned into a duvet day but struggle I did as I wasn’t going to miss my appointment. I managed to run myself an ice cold bath which numbed the pain long enough for me to get dressed and drive down to Coworth Park in Ascot, a hotel part of the Dorchester collection known for its polo days.

Coworth Park spa coworth spa IMAG2068 IMAG2069Set in acres of beautiful gardens I was already feeling calm, serene and looking forward to my well deserved spa day. I was greeted by the ladies at the front desk who showed me around before ushering me to the changing rooms. I was determined to make the most of the facilities so I quickly changed into one of the sumptuous robes and headed for the pool.coworth spa bathrobe

pool at coworth park spa sun loungers

The pool was just what I needed. The water was warm enough to soften my aching body and the underwater music relaxed my mind. The sauna helped a lot too but made me thirsty. Thankfully they provide plenty of lemon water around the pool for you to help yourself but I needed something a little stronger so that I didn’t fall asleep and miss my massage appointment. I headed up to the Spatisserie for my morning cuppa.eating at spa

The windows were wide open so it had all the fresh air of eating outdoors whilst also providing the privacy to feel comfortable sat in a bathrobe. I sank into a sofa with a magazine still in my robe (isn’t that brilliant!!) and slurped up my pot of tea with mini cranberry muffins. Fruit = health, right?comfortable seats at spa

tea and spa best life

complimentary tea and muffins

eating and reading tatler

After tea I managed to get in a few more laps in the pool before heading to my Moor Mud experience. The treatment is perfectly prescribed after any strenuous sport to soothe tired aching muscles. I had plenty of those. It uses the thick black mud from the lowlands of Eastern Europe legendary for its therapeutic properties. Well, if it’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow….

My masseuse was great. Very calming and friendly which made the experience all the better. After my treatment she led me back to the waiting room where I could help myself to the cucumber water and I popped a few Florentine things even though I knew I was headed for lunch shortly.florentines

reading material in spa Still in my robe I sat down in the Spatisserie again for lunch starting with a very tasty juice cocktail before my salmon bagel arrived.


salmon bagel

As always, dessert was the best course. The blackcurrant and chocolate mousse looked so incredibly rich I wondered if it fitted in with the spa but was so pleasantly surprised how light and yet how chocolate-y it was. You need this in your life! If I had the recipe I’d be telling you how to make it instead you’re going to have to head to Coworth Park to try it out.

BTW – muscles ached for days!

light mousse

best mousse


One thought on “Bathrobe Day at Coworth Park”

  1. Wow that looks like a pretty perfect weekend to me. Super busy one day with lots of fitness and then chilling at a spa the next day. Not surprised you were aching though!!!

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