Autumn Eats

By popular demand, I’m back baby! Many of you have noticed that I’ve been absent throughout the last couple of months but have I got stories for you. I’ll have to catch you up on a couple of summer festivals, my big birthday celebrations, my new car and of course my various baking attempts.

I can’t wait to tell you about it but first…. it’s Autumn!autumn acorns

Everywhere I look I see the seasons are a-changing. There’s no getting away from it which is great news as it means I can justify a shopping spree. I need cosy jumpers and knee high boots but first I need sustenance.   IMAG2405 IMAG2403

I took myself on a walk and picked the last of the summer blackberries only because I had seen this recently and was desperate to try it for myself. Similar to a brie and cranberry sandwich but for autumn not winter. Plus, come on, who doesn’t like toasted cheese sandwiches! I managed to pick enough for a sandwich to feed one hungry person and a little extra to put in the freezer. For a smoothie perhaps.IMAG2407 fresh blackberry

To make the sandwich I started by smooshing the blackberries particularly the ones that were already bursting with juice, staining the tips of my fingers. Mmm finger licking good.crush blackberry

crushed blackberry

Then I crammed as much of the fruit into a pitta and topped it with mozzarella and a sprinkle of ripped basil leaves. blackberry and mozzarella

Then, if you read my blog regularly you won’t be surprised, I placed the whole thing into my trusted Foreman grill….

Foreman grilling until the cheese oozed. I grabbed a plate and welcomed in the new season. I admit it doesn’t look as good as the inspiration but looks ain’t everything. It was totally scrummm-diddly-mmmmptious!

melting mozzarella and blackberry blackberry and mozzarella


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