Happiness is a Warm Gun

I have just had the best weekend excursion ever! Definitely feeling like my old (tomboy) self again. Last Sunday I got to play with small guns, big guns, laser guns, walkie talkies, trucks, quad bikes; stuff that little boys’ dreams are made of. Oh and let’s not forget the pomp and circumstance.pomp and circumstance

victorian army

There were also plenty of handsome men in uniform. And what’s better than a man in uniform? One with a posh accent!

They were all at the Heritage Open Day at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, which  runs once a year. Entry is free includes parking and there is plenty to do. A great day out for kids and not so little kids!

IMAG2006 royal military academy sandhurst

gate sandhurst



cannins fired at waterloo

waterloo cannon

Imagine being taught Chemistry by the inventor of electricity!!

electrodes faraday

I had to take a picture of the below as part of the British Indian Army uniform is a lungi!

lungi inidan army indian army indian british army

Again had to take a picture with this piece of weaponry, it having been made in my hometown.

lee enfield

In addition to the Enfield rifle there were plenty of other firearms. I had a go at taking out and loading a magazine into a Glock handgun. I felt like a proper action hero.  Then there was this massive grenade launcher. All the little kids were using their body weight to pull the slide to cock the gun. I was curious to find out whether it really was that difficult to do so I queued up with all the little ones to have a go for myself. Ok so I can confirm it was tough and did have to lean back a little! The sight could see for miles and the trigger was like a brake on a bike handle. I could have stayed there all day but there were people half my size behind me waiting their turn. So I moved on into the Old College building.

gong for dinner



There was plenty to see and do. I had my first go at laser clay pigeon shooting, saw horses jousting, nepalese dancing and had a cream tea by the stunning lake. The gates to the academy aren’t open to the public very often so make the most of it and head down to the next one.

IMAG1980 IMAG1979


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