Asparagus by Post

Don’t you just love getting post. Mainly it’s the usual flyers and junk mail which aren’t great nor are the final demand letter for bills but then there are occasions when you get something special and unexpected. The latter happened to me just the other day. It was an enticing box from Secretts garden centre filled with asparagus neatly tied up with a bow. A lovely gift.

scretts packaging

favourite piece of mail

Asparagus has a short season but Secretts is offering to send you a big bunch or an even bigger bunch straight to your door for a great price. I found the deep green spears arrived in perfect condition unlike the anaemic looking supermarket kind. If you’d like your own box then head here. They are running a farmers market next Sunday which I will definitely be attending.

I set about finding the perfect recipe to use up my 450g bunch. Did you know to keep asparagus as fresh as possible you should place the spears, unwashed in a jug or vase with about 2cm of water and put in the fridge? A great tip… tip… geddit?

secretts asparagus delivered asparagus with a bow

I decided to keep the recipe simple so that the taste of the asparagus wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I used my favourite kitchen tool and chargrilled the spears on the George Foreman.

asparagus on the foreman grill chargrilled asparagus

And piled them on a plate with smoked salmon and an egg. All that was missing was hollandaise sauce. A great simple dish nonetheless.

chargrilled asparagus with smoked salmon

There was loads of asparagus in the box which is said to serve 3-4 although I think it could easily feed 4-6. With my leftover grilled asparagus I made a leftover salad. Using the Foreman again I grilled a few strips of red pepper and slices of halloumi I had in the fridge and jumbled it up with lettuce.

george foreman halloumi and pepper


summer salad

halloumi pepper salad

halloumi asparagus salad

summer salad

side salad

Not only did I get two dishes out of the bunch but I also shared the asparagus at work. It was turned into a spring veg frittata with crispy potatoes by a domestic goddess work colleague who kindly sent me a pic.



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