Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today was very exciting. I got to travel on the company jet to the more exotically located offices (that’s blogger speak for up north). Although it did mean I had to get up earlier to catch a charter flight from Tag Aviation airport. Having been told there was a good opportunity to do a bit of celebrity spotting I had a good look around the airport lounge. Unfortunately on this occasion I only saw designer luggage being carried around and a helluva lot of plane-spotters hanging onto the edge of the airfield. Overall it was a tough day mixing my day job with my blogger alter ego but that didn’t stop me taking an excessive amount of photos during the day.

the holding area tag

The waiting area was plush. It’s a shame you only had to check in 30 minutes before your flight. I could have spent hours here.

waiting lounge

Extensive reading material including an almost complete Bill Bryson collection….

reading material at tag aviation

The usual airport terminal concession brands…

the usual concession stands

You could help yourself to drinks; hot, cold, refrigerated. I made the most of it and had a nespresso coffee, a hot chocolate and a few shortbread biscuits. Wish I had grabbed a cooling diet coke too. Maybe next time.

drinks at aviation

hot chocolate and nespresso pods

more reading material

There was also reading material for the ladies… Vogue fashion

vogue fashion and flights

coffee table

Our transport for the next hour

jet beech 200 jet company charter jet

The tiny stairs tiny stairs



view from the plane view from the plane wind farm

On my way back I got to try out the ladies’ loos. Worth spending a penny.

tag aviation ladies loostoiletries hand towels

So what do you wear when travelling on business. I decided on cropped trousers and a blazer as it was a hot day and I’d be climbing up stairs etc.outfit ootd


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