Stormy Waters

Last Saturday was my second sailing lesson. It was a nerve-wracking session as we learnt to upright a capsized boat. It meant we were guaranteed to get wet. Not just a little bit but totally soaked to the skin. That’s what I was imagining anyway, the reality was a little different. Yes I did get soaked to the skin but the life-vest worked great and I managed to stay dry from the neck up. I didn’t even get my hair wet!…. I was slightly disappointed.

boat pic

We were told the trickiest bit would be to pull the boat back up and then drag our wet arse back in. The smaller girls, i.e. me and another girl, were set to go first (quite literally pulled the ‘short’ straw there) as the boat would be lighter at the start. Supposedly it was all in the technique which basically involved grabbing one of the ropes and pulling down on it. Some people could get away with using just their shoulders but I had to practically climb up the rope and pull down with all my available weight. Luckily my ‘technique’ worked and would have loved another go but we were whisked back to shore so we could warm up in the showers.

I definitely was not going to carry my camera onboard to take pictures so instead here is our warming pub grub at The Fox in Frensham/Farnham afterwards. It was a lovely pub filled with nooks and crannies and a covered garden so you’re guaranteed not to get wet when the weather changes suddenly. The food was delicious and they have a great pie selection although I went for the juicy veal schnitzel. The saute potatoes it came with were properly cooked plus there was a healthy side of steamed veg. A perfect way to round up the day.

veal schnitzel

Photos of The Fox Inn, Farnham

Photos of The Fox Inn, Farnham


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