A friend of mine is showing one of her short films at Cannes this year called Dog Day. Cannes dog day All this news from Cannes has got me thinking of my trip there a few years ago. It was a time before I blogged and therefore a time before I took pictures of everything and anything! Miraculously I found a few on my old phone. 

IMG00184 I remember being amazed at the warm weather, the numerous yachts and the people dressed in euro-trash designer clothes. I used that as an excuse to do the same! When in Rome/Cannes… thankfully there’s no evidence of it. There are incredible places to eat, especially seafood, by the sea but I had to remember to order ‘au lait’ with my tea at breakfast.

The old part of Cannes is definitely a quick walk


Man in the iron mask
Man in the Iron Mask


Thinking back has made me realise a few things to make me glad I started blogging.

  • I take pictures more often so can look back on years/days gone by and reminisce 
  • I’ve never kept a diary before and didn’t see the point but I’m really enjoying it
  • I’m more likely to appear in photos taken instead of hiding behind a tree so can compare wrinkles (still need to find my best side)

yachts in Cannes cannes yachts


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