Instagram Update

Actually I don’t have an instagram account. So already I’m lying but I’ve seen these update posts everywhere on the blogosphere so I thought I’d do one myself. Instead I use Twitter to upload any pictures I find interesting but probably bore my followers.

slob out sunday
Slob out snow day. Must run tomorrow.
2 rainbows in 2 days. Do hermes accept pots of gold
Mojito shower
Is my morning shower too early for a mojito?
Can you tell I’ve been shopping again
ants on a log
ants on a log is a ‘recipe’. #onlyinamerica
spring flowers
Flowers? For Spring? Groundbreaeaking – Devil Wears Prada
lion cereal
I haven’t had one in years but this is not how I remember the taste of a Lion bar

By now you must be thinking how witty and hilariously funny all of this is, I just have to give this girl a follow. Well luckily, you can easily find a link to my twitter on the right. #convenient


2 thoughts on “Instagram Update”

  1. Hi there! Love your blog and I am a new follower! I did try to add you on twitter and the link isn’t working. What is your twitter handle?

    1. Aww thanks so much. I think you are now following me on twitter. Love it when the numbers go up. Found your blog the other day and really enjoyed reading it so have followed also!

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