Snacks on Rye

The great thing about rye is that it is totally allowable on a detox diet. Even though I am fully detoxed now I still like to keep a pack of ryvita in the cupboard so I can whip up a gluten free healthy snack at a moment’s notice.

ryvita mozzarella tomato

To keep things gluten & dairy free and vegan here are three more-ish ideas to top your crispbreads.

IMAG1798 IMAG1801

The first is a sweet offering and a twist on the ol’ PB&J. Here I’ve used cashew butter and agave syrup but you could use honey instead. The second is a classic and in my opinion the tastiest, a spread of houmus topped with slices of cucumber. The third is a cracker rubbed with garlic, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and topped with beetroot. IMAG1804

I couldn’t wait to take pictures and tucked into the cucumber one.  IMAG1805

IMAG1799 IMAG1802


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