Bracknell Bentalls

The other weekend I went to visit Bracknell. I hadn’t heard good things about this town or its shopping precinct but it is the nearest place to me that sells Longchamp le pliage nylon bags. What I found wasn’t bad.  It has all the high street you would normally find so no complaints there. Perhaps it was a little run down and the dreary weather didn’t help brighten up the place but I did see potential and interesting friezes dotted around. The highlight was the Bentalls clearance store.

bentalls clearance store

It was all the sale items from the actual Bentalls department store in one place. There were all sorts of things from kitchen appliances and cutlery to furniture, toys and toiletries. If you’re looking for something for your home you could pick up a real bargain here.


I was very tempted to get this james martin blender panini press price barcode for sal panini press

Not seen this before but thought it was very cool. A good father’s day pressie.trivial pursuit mug fathers day present


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