Sunday Brunch

What I’m here to tell you about is something I’m sure you’ve heard before. I’m not telling you anything new and even I’ve mentioned it before. If you ever find yourself in north London looking for a place to eat breakfast or a languorous brunch then head for Islington. There are many, many, many places to grab exactly what you want for the most important meal of the day. marilyn monroe

flying horse

For starters there’s the ever popular breakfast club (not my favourite place) or you could try Gallipoli which has a beautiful sunny back garden in the mornings or there’s a great Sunday foodie market with sweet treats and smoked salmon but if you’re more of a granola yoghurt type of person then you could head for frae for a frozen yoghurt treat.

frae fro yo

salmon on ryeHowever the Islington branch of Ottolenghi is something special. They have long shiny white tables where you can sit down and enjoy the delicacies that Ottolenghi has to offer. The best thing about this place is that at breakfast you can toast your own bread at your own table. So you can have your bread exactly how you like it and eat it too, with amazing jams and spreads! Plus they provide a complimentary glass of water that is kept topped up throughout your meal.

ottolenghi menutoasters at ottolenghi

ottolenghi toaster

no fry ups here shakshukajam and spreads ottolenghi banana spread

Rare delicacies: banana jam and passion fruit jam homemade nutella

Homemade nutella or perhaps I should say chocolate hazelnut spread flakiest croissant

The flakiest, crispiest and therefore best croissant I’ve ever eaten. No word for it except croissant traditional brioche

Classic shaped brioche


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